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groupe d'action locale

“The networks and cooperation between
the Mediterranean rural areas:
the Apulian Local Action Groups experience”

Fiera del Levante, Bari – Italy

Raphael Sfeir
18 September 2008


•Grants available for projects at local levels focusing on the diversification of rural economies and the improvement of the quality of rural life financed by the European Agriculture Rural Development Fund (EARDF).
•LEADER Approach (previous LEADER+ ) is fixed by the Axis(4) of the EARDF 2007-2013.

•A1: Competitiveness.

•A2: Environment and Countryside.

•A3: Economic Diversification and Quality of Life.
•A4: LEADER Approach

Local Action Groups

LEADER is managed at local level by LAGs Local Action Groups.

•Domain concerned by Leader Approach are : Agriculture, Fisheries, Local Development.
•LEADER is a method rather than a list of measures.

The LAGs are the basic unit of our cooperation facilitated by IAM Bari, and the NGOs which have to be constituted have a different legal framework compared to LAGs in Italy.

The partners involved in the LAG represent the interests of local socio-economic players and communities and the different sectors and associations concerned by the environment, the heritage, social and cultural integration, etc.

A LAG is a group of public and private stakeholders associated in a partnership elaborating a common strategy and innovative actions for the development of rural areas.

Three Pilot areas have been tackled and 3 Local Action Groups (LAGs) have been established: Tyre, Byblos and Baalbek to implement the strategies identified in order to valorize Tyre, Byblos and Baalbeck territories and specificities such as traditional products, natural and archaeological sites, and cultural heritage.