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At Nature by Marc Beyrouthy, we are proud of our culinary identity and we work hard to preserve our food heritage. Most of our childhood memories are stimulated by tastes and smells of our grandmother’s plates. These memories are unfortunately lost in our busy city lives. So what better way to bring back some of the Lebanese culinary joys than to go straight to the source of all these recipes we all love some much, to the warmth of our beautiful villages, to those kitchens where women are lovingly preparing recipes that have been passed down to them generation after generation. In alignment with our mission to preserve the Lebanese traditional food and to empower women in rural areas, we are happy to bring you our very own line of Mouneh products carefully prepared by women from fresh mountain produce. All these women are part of cooperatives and rural organizations who strongly believe in the participation of women in the economic growth of Lebanon. Our Mouneh line comes from Marc’s desire to reconnect us to the simplicity of our traditional cuisine. Thus, we promise you, with every bite, a travel back in time to the mysteries of our ancestors’ everyday lives. You can enjoy pickled, salted, fermented, smoked and dried summer produce all preserved for the winter season.

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